In the 200 billion stars of the Milky Way, there was a solar system with eight – sometimes nine – planets revolving a star simply known as the Sun. In one of the eight or nine planets, there was one that teemed with life. It was known as the Earth. Of the 7.6 billion people living on Earth, we are just two specks with different lives.
You are someone revered and known worldwide. People love or hate you with burning passion.
I am someone who is trying to find her way in the world and dreaming of achieving what you have now. And maybe I am someone who wants to feel what you’re feeling and be with you. Maybe I want to hold your hand as you go through the tumultuous life of yours involving rewards from your hard work.
Maybe I want to comfort you when you are going through the hardships of life. And maybe I want to see right through the mask you put on for the world.
Isn’t it beautiful how of the infinite timelines I could have been reborn into from the cycle of birth I was born in the same timeline as you? Isn’t it beautiful how despite being five years apart we were born – according to an ancient pseudoscience which says that the stars and planets determine our looks, personality and fate – under the same ecliptic that the Sun was in? Isn’t it wonderful how fate put us on the same continent? Isn’t it wonderful how we’re only 3,827 km away from each other?
On nights like this, I like to lie in bed and think about this. I like to consider myself lucky despite the fact that I can feel the distance between us grow. The distance I feel isn’t just physical but also mental. I can feel you slowly grow farther and farther away from me.
Despite this, I have this hope. This feverish hope grows inside me telling me that I can be yours. That I can be the person who has beautiful melodies dedicated to her. That you can keep being my muse except this time you know it’s me who writes these things for you.
I attribute this to Pisces – that ecliptic path we both share.
I try and try for this hope to disappear. I put this hope away from the light where it grows and fills my mind. Yet it is like an indoor plant. Even if you keep it away from the sunlight, it keeps growing. It fills my mind with beautiful flowers of dreams that I have about you. And these dreams are what I hope will become fruits. Yet another part of me knows they are pointless and tries to kill the indoor plant that is the hope.
I try to assure myself with the hope that – despite us not being together physically – we wake up under the same sky. We see the same moon and the same sun shines on us and lights up our features. I tell myself that we see the same stars that are sprawled across the sky. We breathe the same oxygen.
I tell myself it is enough.
Yet some part of me wants more. Some part of me craves more. I know it will lead to heartbreak so I keep quiet and shove that part of me that wants more aside. And I try to live in the moment and live in the now.
I try to be happy that you at least exist in the same timeline as me.


2 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. Welcome to WordPress, I do enjoy how this is almost an extended “About Me” section. I love how you start with the cosmos (there are nine planets, #teampluto) and then narrow down to yourself. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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